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Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor

Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor
Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor

Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor    Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor

Garden Water Features & Fountains. All our beautiful water features utilise low voltage solar pumps to constantly re-circulate water from the main bowl reservoir.

All working in direct sunlight with a remote solar panel. These stunning water features are incredibly easy to use and even easier to install. Relax in your garden listening to the water gentle trickling over this beautifully designed water feature. Watch the water cascade gently from the flower in the delicate fairy's hands. Simply place the fountain in a sunny spot, fill with water and away you go. The high quality resin construction is UV and frost resistant, helping it better withstand the elements.

Bronze effect finish on this whimsical fountain design. Dimensions; 43 x 34 x 34cm Liliana. This decorative fairy fountain will be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, whether its destined for a lawn, balcony or patio.

The stunning cascading waterfall flows through two flowers and into a rock pool before being recycled, minimising water waste and meaning you rarely have to top it up. A remote solar panel can be subtly positioned to catch direct sunlight, meaning your fountain will flow freely in daylight and especially on a bright summers day. Dimensions: 45 x 32 x 27cm. Umbrella This lovely, authentic looking water feature featuring two children sitting under an umbrella with their dog, has been exquisitely crafted and designed to look and feel almost exactly like a real, natural stone fountain. Enjoy relaxing to the sound of water gently trickling through this feature, adding a real sense of tranquillity to any setting in which it is placed.

This charming piece, with its weathered stone finish, is sure to liven up your home or garden and will indubitably make an impressive focal point in either setting. Dimensions: 84 x 47 x 47cm Duck Family The Duck Family Fountain by Smart Solar will make an attractive feature in your garden.

Water simply trickles over the umbrella to create a realistic raining effect. Finished in an antique bronze with integrated solar panels for a hassle free set up.

Dimensions: 84 x 48 x 48cm Dancing Couple This delightful Solar Powered garden water feature produces a gentle cascade of water landing into a bird bath. With this lovely feature, there is no need to plug in mains wiring or hoses, simply add water and let the sun do the rest. The ornament has been made from hard-wearing resin with a stone effect finish, making it last for years while also looking great. Dimensions: 86 x 47 x 47cm. This Tipping Pail Solar Birdbath Fountain is a beautifully decorative feature depicting a traditional scene of a boy and girl playing with water at a well.

Twin integrated solar panels power a pump which is hidden in a water chamber below the figures. Made from frost resistant polyresin with a beautifully detailed pewter effect finish. Dimensions: 85 x 47 x 47cm Chatsworth. This beautiful solar powered birdbath and water fountain is made from poly-resin and is re-inforced with concrete. The water is pumped to the top tier and cascades into the birdbath below.

Ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or balcony. It's maintenance free and operates in direct sunlight only. Stunning, cascading double drop water effect.

Dimensions: 70 x 53 x 53cm Pagoda This oriental fountain will be a stunning addition to any outside space, be it a balcony, patio or lawn. The solar powered design is wire free and simply recycles water, working wonderfully in direct sunlight so its perfect for a warm summers day.

The bubbling design will add a calm and tranquil feeling to any outdoor space, with a double-drop cascade which looks beautiful. Dimensions: 72 x 47 x 47 cm Kingsbury. A highly ornate, resin cascade with a stunning 3-tier cascade design. Includes a realistic stone finish, a beautiful scallop-edged main bowl and decorative ornate leaves.

Recycles water from a hidden reservoir. Creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or balcony Can be used day or night with integrated battery technology Auto timer function with remote control. Dimensions: 9 x 48 x 48cm Milk Churn This rustic fountain will make a beautiful addition to any garden and features and easy to set-up design which is solar powered. With a hidden reservoir which you can easily fill up, this fountain uses the power of direct sunlight to recycle the water over and over again, creating a gently bubbling water feature to enjoy on warm summer days. Dimensions: 46 x 25 cm Wishing Well. Adding an ornament to your garden is a quick and easy way of adding some interest and decoration to your outdoor space. This Wishing Well Fountain from Smart garden is perfect for exactly that. This powered wishing well fountain has smart patented solar technology to power the fountain while it sits in your garden. Its a safe, self-contained and low maintenance feature that is quick and easy to install.

Sitting this ornament in direct sunlight will ensure you get optimum performance from the low powered pump inside. Dimensions: 51 x 31 cm Heywood. The Heywood Mill Solar Water Feature is a highly detailed brick and stone water feature. Watch the moving water wheel, which creates a gentle trickling noise as it runs.

Water is pumped from the base of the feature to the trough at the top and then drops on to the water mill. Made from frost resistant polyresin. This feature comes with a solar powered pump with remote panel and 3m of cable. Dimensions: 50 x 33 x 25cm Water Mill This delightful Solar Powered Water Mill feature produces a gentle cascade of water that rotates the water wheel for a soothing visual effect.

The water wheel will turn when in direct sunlight and then at night the led lamp will light up to provide a'lights on' effect in the mill house. Attractive traditional watermill with rotating wheel With nightlight for use in the dark. Dimensions: 51 x 48.5 x 48 cm Pitchers. This beautiful fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere on your garen, patio or balcony and is manufactured from maintenance free resin and finished in dark terracotta.

Featuring solar on demand, this water fountain allows you to choose when you wish your fountain to work. This fountain also has a patented underwater integral solar panel, battery and pump system. Operate daily and use the battery technology to provide constant performance even in cloudy weather. Alternatively, leave it off and charge the battery for when you want, even at night. Dimensions: 55 x 44 x 39 cm Tree Trunk Bark tree trunk effect birdbath that creates a relaxing atmosphere in the garden.

Made from high quality maintenance free resin finished with birds detail. This fountain looks realistic and charming, allowing it to effortlessly fit in with any garden decor. Dimensions: 60 x 42 x 32 cm. Neptune This cascading solar water feature from Smart Solar is sure to create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or on your balcony.

Designed with the Roman God Neptune in mind it is forged from attractive glazed blue ceramic, making it an attractive and soothing water feature. Dimensions: 49 x 44 x 38 cm Ceramic Aphrodite Cascade. This stunning water feature will create an attractive feature on your patio or decking, and produce the relaxing sound of gently trickling water. The Aphrodite Ceramic Solar Cascade Water Feature has a solar powered pump which is located in the largest bowl, this pumps the water up to the urn at the top, from where it gently trickles down through the 3 jugs to the lower bowl.

The Solar powered Pump is powered by a separate solar panel (supplied) which has a 3m (10ft) cable. Dimensions: 49 x 44 x 38 cm. This beautiful, aged stone effect, Genoa water feature creates a tranquil cascade of water.

Just fill the pool with water and it will keep recycling it without costing a penny to run, flowing over into the bowl below, thanks to the solar-powered pump. The perfect centre piece for any garden.

Crafted from lightweight resin, the fountain can be positioned anywhere provided the solar panel is in direct sunlight. Dimensions: 49 x 31 x 30cm. The item "Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor" is in sale since Monday, May 6, 2019. This item is in the category "Garden & Patio\Ponds & Water Features\Other Ponds & Water Features".

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Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor    Water Fountain Solar Garden Water Feature Outdoor Patio Ornament Statue Decor